Friday, February 19, 2010


today is Valentine day's..
because this day' there so many people express the feeling to each other..
my facebook account fully with valentine's gift, in tv ,magazine talk about this.. hmm I need another topic.. :p

yeah, valentine day's is a day when u can expressing ur felling for someone that you love, Express the feeling with a bunch of red house, or sending a romantic quotes and another way.

where people celebrated this day with her/his couple, I can't coz the distance separate me and my loved.. lolz
but it doesn't matter , For me I did't need to celebrate it ,coz for me My Valentine Day's it's Everyday coz everyday I miss and loved him.. hahaha

Btw, I'ts will be a boring day If I don't do anything, so Me and 4 my lovely house mate prepare a little party for us, Just for having fun and wanna make a special memories. It's private party NO BOY'S just us. So we dress  up, and it's very fun make our self beautiful.. Hm we have 2 theme first * tradisional dress ,second * party dress.. to completed our party we delivery pizza and bought some coke... Now we already to PARTY...

this day not just for a couple but for a best friends too..
love yuuu...

me and my lovely housemate with traditional dress

ME with south sulawesi traditional dress

 already party. :D

another angle photo 

drinking,eating, starting d party... 

it's completed our party.. more.. hahaha

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