Monday, February 1, 2010


The time round faster.. Really faster,, 6 month it’s like just 1 week.. And after 6 month take my bachelor program for 1st semester I have to do examination.. oh God could you give me another way to get a best score but I don’t need to take exam.. lol * its my hoping.. hahaha

Yeah.. I must take examination this week..

Very hard week. Actually I’m not ready.. but it must..

So this week become a busy week.. Make a list of my lecturer module then study hard..

Over sleep its happened all day’s.. I just sleep 1 or 1 half hours every day. Ohhh really bad healthy to get the best score.

But the worst is someone that I wish will give me a support and can make me more spirit to study leave me alone. And it’s made me get a little lack with myself. He didn’t give me support at list by message or inbox. but i know utside there he's still carry about me even he didn't say it.. i trust him.

We’ve lost contact actually and I dunno why..?? For true I REALLY NEED HIM FOR THAT TIME..!!

But I never give up.. I believed that I can move on ..

Yeah finally this exam week finished, Alhamdulillah..

Hope gets the best score… AMIN…

**Thax for all of you ,that supported me and teaching me .. JJJ

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