Wednesday, October 14, 2009

spending our time

apa sih yg lebih indah saat nie di otak gue..
selain ngabisin waktu ma dya.. haha
emang bener kata pepatah... if u fall in love.. the world is just for u and ur love.. haha

yaa... i just have 1 week here,, it means i need to be smart control my time with him.. jhahai
yaa baruu aja gue bangun otak gw udah terset buat sms si dya dan ngajakin jalan...
*capek donk klu jalan.. hmm yeah i mean go out in some places..
yaa niat awal sih go out... tapi ujung2nya gak jadi.. yaa di rmh juga gak papa..
what we do??pokoke crita2 gak jelas.. but i like to share with u...

why just take 1 photo... I want more..!!

welcome to PANGKEP

yeahh.. I'm really back to Pangkep.. 3 hours 25 minute KL-MKS plus 1 hours MKS-PANGKEP..
tired.. but when I'm arrived here i forgot all of it.. waw nothing changed @ my home, still same..
i wanna crying when i seeing Ur face again daddy.. really miss u so.. every miss felt lost in one time when u hug me.. :).. welcome to home's nu'..

but one thing that I wanna see.. MY BF.. ohh..
where ar u.. sending a message for him.. then trying to meet him as soon as ..haha
its 11 p.m right.. not overnight to meet u...
hmm... I wanna crying again... OMG... i meet with u dear.. again..again..
really miss u ... 3 months didn't see u.. and tonight u stand i front of me.. and wait me..
then u take me to ur house and meet ur parents.. thanks.. :)

ohh beautiful night... perfect I meet my fam and U ..
holding ur hand.. smiling at me.. you make my day perfectly...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


yeahh .. finally I'm back to my beloved country INDONESIA.. and my
beloved city.. PANGKEP :)

huff really tired on a way.. 3 hours 25 minute in airplane... but yeahh i enjoyed my trip.. hehe
thanks 4 AIR ASIA.. lol..

finally after a long trip I'm arrived @ SULTAN HASANUDDIN airport

mom, and my sister thanks for to fetch me in airport... really happy can seeing ur face again.. ^_^

i just have a very short time here.. 1 week.. hope i can enjoy my vacation
1 week with my family, my BF, and my friends
give me a wonderful experience in 1 week guys.. ^_^

could i'm there

It’s the first time I celebrate IED FITRI without my parents and all off my beloved family beside me..

The fell’s .. nyampur…. Swear it… Ya.. Tahun nie gue ngerayain IDUL FITRI di Negeri yg org sebut Negri Jiran.. awalnya gue gak niat sama sekali buat ngerayainnya di sini.. karena gue fikir lebarannya tuh tgl 21.. ya dah berhubung jadwal kuliah gue yg liburnya baru mulai tgl 19 september nie… dan sialnya tiketpulang ke makasar gak ada tgl 19 … ada sih tgl 16.. tapi klu gw ngambil tgl ituu.. artinya gw harus skip 2 harii.. and it’s the biggest problem to me… tau attendence gue ada 2 mata kuliah yg presentasenya dibawah 80% .. dan klu gw skip lagii bisa2 ancur attendence gw.. klu gituu yg ada bukannya gw pulang liburan .. gw malah di deportasi secara tidak terhormat ma bonyok gw.. GAK RELAA gueee… haaaaaaaaaa

Yaahh dgn niat yg tulus gw nentuin gw balig tgl 20.. dan jadwalnya tuh deparature jam 4 sore.. What,,,,, males gw nyampe mlm.. , tapiii it’s the only way I’ can back to home.. okey intinyaa gw PASRAH…

Dan the worst news it’s.. 2 hari sebelum gw berangkat gw baru tahu klu MENTERI AGAMA di negara gw tercinta INDONESIA nentuin tgl ID FITRI ituu 20 sep..** WTF** (Thax pa’ mentri)… huhhhhhhhh..

Sumpahh gue puyeng.. gw pengen lebaran ma mak’ babe gw.. haaaaaaaa..( scrime)

Hmmm,,, yaaa gak ada gunanya gw ngedumel gak karuan just take it nu2 ok… J

Malam nie malam takbiran.. and you know.. di sini HAMPA…. Gak ada suara kumandang takbir sedikitpun..

YA ALLAH I wanna back In my hometown…

Yaaa gue kangen keluarga gue…. Nie bukan manja.. tapii saat nie gw baru nyadar klu gw dah jauh dari mereka, dan gak semua moment special bisa gw laluin lagi dgn mereka....

yaa. finally even I can't celebrate IED FITRI with my fam .. at least I'LL be back... :)

Anyway, i wanna say
I'm sorry if i had made mistakes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Open fasting with APIIT&UCTI student...
my first impression when i come to APIIT,, i said" i think i'm using a wrong costume coz the student from another country using a muslim dress..and i used BATIK.. but I'm not alone coz average Indonesian student use it.. heheh :)

~ALREADY TO open break Fas~


~brotherhood on INDONESIAN student~

finally... even i really miss open break fas wit my fam but here there is another side,,, i have a new fam... smile and sad together.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009


There's only so many songs that I can sing to pass the time.
And I'm running out of things to do to get you off my mind.....
All I have is this picture in a frame bout us......that I hold close to see your face everyday.
With you is where I'd rather be,but we're stuck where we are..............
It's so hard, you're so far..This long distance is killing me.................
I wish that you are here with me, This long distance is killing me...........
It's so hard to me, where we are, where we are, you're so far.
This long distance is killing me.Now when I'm here the minutes feel like hours
and the hours feel like days.. While I'm away .....You know right now I can't be home .. i cant seeing u whenever i want....But I'm coming home soon... coming to see u ta'....

Can you hear me crying?
Can you hear me crying?

There's only so many songs that I can sing to pass the time... there ar many song that make me miss u... with every single day...

*hope long distance doesn't killing our feel.. our love..

~still hold me~


copy from my FB : Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 1:22am

Can't believe it's over
I watched the whole thing fall
And I never saw the writing that was on the wall
If I'd only knew
The days were slipping past
That the good things never last
That you were crying

Summer turned to winter
And the snow it turned to rain
Then the rain turned into tears upon your face
I hardly recognize the girl you are today
And God I hope it's not too late
It's not too late
'Cause you are not alone
I'm always there with you
And we'll get lost together
'Till the light comes pouring through
'Cause when you feel like you're done
And the darkness has won
Babe, you're not lost
When your world's crashing down
And you can't bear the thought
I said, babe, you're not lost

Life can show no mercy
It can tear your soul apart
It can make you feel like you've gone crazy
But you're not
Things have seemed to change
There's one thing that's still the same
In my heart you have remained
And we can fly fly fly away

'Cause you are not alone
And I am there with you
And we'll get lost together
'Till the light comes pouring through
'Cause when you feel like you're done
And the darkness has won
Babe, you're not lost
When the world's crashing down
And you can not bear to crawl
I said, baby, you're not lost
I said, baby, you're not lost
I said, baby, you're not lost
I said, baby, you're not lost

please said again 4 me.. that I'm not alone.. u still beside me....
i can't desperate u... maybe I'm really crazy.. i make everything worst.. but please trust me.. i don't do that... ar u still don't know ME..? Its been 3 years that we spend our times together...
d situation made me still stuck to this way.. i can't move coz u ar so far there.. i can't talking this normally.. i can make u fell better. coz we ar so far now... really difficult to seeing ur smile again...
I DON'T WANNA DESPERATE u....................................


i copy it from my fb note : Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 2:16am
There you go, walking away like you did before...But I know, I know you'll be back, back for more
And the game, the game will go on as it was..nothings changed, we'll know when we're closer to love........................
Aren't we desperate, aren't we afraid
We're just two lost and lonely people, scared to be alone again
Aren't we desperate, aren't we afraid
Can't you see that there are no victims, just volunteers...we won't change, we won't change until we face our fears.........We're alone, even though we are together right now
Love remains, just out of reach somehow
Aren't we desperate, aren't we afraid!!!!
We're just two lost and lonely people, scared to be alone again
Aren't we desperate!!!!
I know we can make it, take up that look into my eyes
We'll take the future for you and I, yeah!!

i don't wanna desperate with u...

* crying aloneeeeee. hope i hope we can make it .. take up... and still loving each other... together..

"If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Sometimes late at night
I lie awake and watch her sleeping
She's lost in peaceful dreams
So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark
And the thought crosses my mind
If I never wake up in the morning
Would she ever doubt the way I feel
About her in my heart

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face the world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

'Cause I've lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance to tell her how I feel

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face the world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

So tell that someone that you love
Just what you're thinking of
If tomorrow never comes

its really sadly song... i always imagine when tomorrow never comes to me, and I'm still saving what i felt in my heart and never say it... or i lost someone special before i thought that i love him.. this song made realize that in the future the over day will be come.. and i couldn't do anything.. even just say a special word.. yeah i don't wanna felt regret forever in my entired life..
so if u need something to say.. SAY it NOW...
coz u never now until when the people can waiting u and until when u have a time :(


Whoammm its fasting day..

And I’m. really tired today..

Imagine I have a class @8.30 am and I was sleep @ 2 o’clock.. and then I must get up @ 5 pm to eating for fasthing.. ohhh.. TIRED……….

Yeah in the first class.. i just felt sleepy… whoamm….

And completely my sufferings day I’must waiting a next class 4 3 hours..

Its really bored… and I’m still sleepy…


Somebody can help me go out from this situation..????

So long and long.. I hate waiting…

Yeah I must bepation I’m fasting .. but my stomach can’t compromise, the sound like kriukk.. kriukk. Kriukk..


.. I’m hungry…..

Yeahh… I wanna move to next day and ending this day……..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1 day without you

HUAAA .. I wanna shout now..

Hufff 1 day didn't have any messages from him.. didn’t listen his voice and didnt do my daily activity’s with him… WEB CAM in YAHOO MESSENGER.. huff. Now I’m really felt how difficult get a long distance relationship.. OH God.. yeah but I'm express to God.. even now I million miles away from him. But our heart never far.. yaa as long as we still loving each other…

We still saving our communicate and try never lost contact for a long time…

Okay.. maybe I need to take LDR consequence now.. yeahh we are in different part.. and someday will come the day where our felt far and when the bad situation happens..

Yeah today he didn't reply my sms and my messages on Facebook… I didn’t get any information bout him..yeahh REALLY SAD.. actually I was ever think that he forgot me.., but immediately I delete it from my brained.. c’mon positive thinking girl..

Then when I ask him in next day he said that he didn’t replied my sms and messages because he’s hp limit was empty…

Okay.. I can understand this situation beyb^^

Now I hope the day.. we can understand our situation each other…

And we can still being a strong couple… COBE’ and KAMBENK still loving ….~^_^~

Thax 4 the every smile that u give 4 me..


~everynight u always make me smile~

ONE MONTH LIVING with my housemate

Well cukup sebulan dah gue lalui hidup gue yag baru,, jauh dari orang orang gue cintai, dan mulai ngatur hidup gue sendiri. Sebulan ini penuh dengan kesan-kesan yang cukup dalam. Mulai dari kenalan dengan teman-teman baru yang jujur gue akui gue bukan orang yang mudah untuk nyesuain diri dengan lingkungan baru. Sebulan ini gue belajar gimana ngatur dan ngelakuin apapun dengan tanggung jawab.

Gue bukan lagi nu2 yang bebas ngelakuin apapun seenak dengkul gue. Abis makan piringnya gak dicuci, baju2 kotor digeletakin gitu aja, di sini gue harus bisa ngeimbangi semuanya. Ngelakuin semuanya bareng dengan 4 orang housemate gue, walaupun gue akui di awal banyak banged ketidakcocokan.. tapii di sinilah kami sekarang,menata hidup kami bersama di room mungil 227,, dan berharap ke depan semuanya lebih baik.