Friday, February 19, 2010

DRAWING , part of my life

I get new hobby now...
this hobby related with my old hobby,, still about ART..
yeah I was learning about graphic design using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR,,
it's difficult, different way, coz in real I was using my hand to draw but now my media not a canvas or a paper but a computer, I was using my touch pad and it's difficult to control it,
but I loved it, using a brush, learning about layer, making a good composition color, what's a great hobby... :)

yeah this my result :

dedicated for my self, still waiting that the true happiness will come

it's my firts design, first time learning about layer and brushing.

i love the brush. something dark and mysterious

Really like AUTUMN, someday I'll go FRANCE and seeing d real season

dedicated for my beloved boy

my mom's teach me bout DREAM, and I'll raise my dream

violet i love this isn't pink,red,or green, and the butterflies it's my principle
I love the metamorphoses of  butterflies, first the uglier but in future become beautifully

I'M FREEDOM, expreessing it!

like a tree, first just a seeds, then grow had a steam,leaves,branch, etc..
like me, I'll grow up and raise my dreams

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