Thursday, September 10, 2009


Whoammm its fasting day..

And I’m. really tired today..

Imagine I have a class @8.30 am and I was sleep @ 2 o’clock.. and then I must get up @ 5 pm to eating for fasthing.. ohhh.. TIRED……….

Yeah in the first class.. i just felt sleepy… whoamm….

And completely my sufferings day I’must waiting a next class 4 3 hours..

Its really bored… and I’m still sleepy…


Somebody can help me go out from this situation..????

So long and long.. I hate waiting…

Yeah I must bepation I’m fasting .. but my stomach can’t compromise, the sound like kriukk.. kriukk. Kriukk..


.. I’m hungry…..

Yeahh… I wanna move to next day and ending this day……..

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