Wednesday, October 14, 2009

welcome to PANGKEP

yeahh.. I'm really back to Pangkep.. 3 hours 25 minute KL-MKS plus 1 hours MKS-PANGKEP..
tired.. but when I'm arrived here i forgot all of it.. waw nothing changed @ my home, still same..
i wanna crying when i seeing Ur face again daddy.. really miss u so.. every miss felt lost in one time when u hug me.. :).. welcome to home's nu'..

but one thing that I wanna see.. MY BF.. ohh..
where ar u.. sending a message for him.. then trying to meet him as soon as ..haha
its 11 p.m right.. not overnight to meet u...
hmm... I wanna crying again... OMG... i meet with u dear.. again..again..
really miss u ... 3 months didn't see u.. and tonight u stand i front of me.. and wait me..
then u take me to ur house and meet ur parents.. thanks.. :)

ohh beautiful night... perfect I meet my fam and U ..
holding ur hand.. smiling at me.. you make my day perfectly...

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