Saturday, June 5, 2010

19 sembilan belas

11 march 2010

okay 11th march this year is my 19 birthday.. I’m older again..
People said one year again I’m being adult,, so now I’m still a child.. ckck
yeah next year I’m going to 20 .. Gosh I’m not ready yet...
20 means I’m really mature.. Couldn’t do a child habit..BEHAVE nunu...
yap people said like that,,

I couldn’t screaming, jump, laughing, like children anymore..

but forgot about all,, just enjoy the life.. Getting older doesn't means
I'm gonna die soon.. :))

LETS talk about my WONDERFUL birthday.. * lebay deh gw.. 

okay.. Today is Thursday,, even its my birthday , it doesn't means my campus give me exemption to skip the class ,,
still need going to campus.. gosh I've full class starting 8.30 until 6 pm
It was very tired day, so I better chose off my night early,,
Comfy sleep I don’t even remembered my dream...
then when I was in another dimension look an angel with a white dress, smiled at me (sleep)
Someone woke me up, then
when I open my eyes i see my friends around me.. With a delicious cake tart
And a light candles then they started singing for me..
SHOCKED,, i couldn't say anything.. Just LOVE U guys..
thanks for the surprise,, thanks 4 remembered my birthday

What going on after that? let’s see..
I called it TART CRAZY PARTY..
We ar going throwing tart to each other..
and d main target it's me..
Lets have fun whit this delicious cake..

party didn't finished yet, I need to clean up my home.. really mess yeah.. but I loved it..
take a mop with a bucket water.. then I already swab you face guys *upss I mean the floor..
forgot about how I clean up my home, I just wanna say big big thanks for u... u really made my day all...

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