Monday, June 7, 2010

kidnapped, DICULIK, help, TOLONG..

so here I am, sitting in front of the computer in my room, opened some unimportant link,check my facebook and twitter most of time, it seems that I was spend to much time surfing the internet,, just like normal day nothing different looks same except its my first day being 19,, older..and older, hahha forgot about my birthday.. age,, mature and bla bla...
i just want my mom right here beside me.. i miss her kiss on my forehead..i miss she swisper my name on my ear,,  then when i woke up she will come on my room then say happy birthday my dear.. mom i miss u so..
but no matter how deep i miss her this morinng i'm still could  listening her voice eventought its just by telephone.. mommyyyyyyyyyyy... 
thanks for always here for me... LOVE YOU..

okay lets talk about another surprised from my beloved people ...
don't u ever feel 
kidnapped or someone sending u to other dimension?. *lebay lagi... haha I feel it tonight...

I was shocked while I was dating with my network devices *lebay someone fold my eyes,
bung up my mouth... and binded my hand..
(somebody help me please)..
guess my housemate did it,,,
then they said we will  take u into somewhre..
oh please stop it...then my home become crowded... then they started instructed me to walk with a blind eyes.. (i couldn't see antything).. then they still instcructed me like a blind people.. "go up" "turn left" "jump" watch out" bla..bla......
 then since a long blind trip finally I was arrived somewhere I dunno...  (thanks god it's finshed) o'o I was wrong its not over, then a next step they binded me on the pole...what's going on again.. i can't screamed,, my eyes still dark,, I changed into a stiff now,,, then they leave me alone... scared... (somebody helped me please),, then for a moment  I dunno what happen.. but when I opened my eyes I'm on home seeing 'em hold one biggest birthday card... ohh thanks u guys.. sorry if I was crash ur plan all..

 victim and kidnapper my lovely hosmet :)

happy happy guide a blind girl

givin instruction.. to the left to the left..

somebody helped me !!!!

place : rooftop  my hangman .. i'll kill u here nunu

I love u girls so much

thanks all.. don't know how to say thanks.. big big hug :*

thanks all..
God i love them.... thanks for send 'em into my life..
thanks for ur wishes all..

hope i can be better person ..
have a great year....

12 march 2010

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