Monday, June 7, 2010

curious, whats that????????????

well it's still story about my birthday..
I've my family, friends, and of course ma boy on my birthday..
yah even we still separate by distance but he still send me birthday wishes.. * thanks lotta ma boy.. (i wish u was here) ..

honestly i miss my 17 birthday... he gifted me a sweet surprised.. *can I repeated that moment
i hoping u gift me another sweet things again.. hmmmm but how...???
u're unpredictable rait?
it's true when i asked him " where is my gift"??
surprised ,, u prepared it,, i just unbelievable when u say " i bring it to ur sister".. ( so i've special gift from u again)
but the worst that i can't see it even touch it..  grrr distance u kill me softly... :(
I know why u was asked me ma adress here..? because it rait.... u wanna send it by pos...
but unlucky a shipping costs it's too high.. (give a discount for this cute couple plese) hahahah
so i need to wait until i'm back.. c'mon it's 3 months more.. (so long) ..

i'm really curious bout it... so i decided to call my sister.. then she said it's a biggest box, i dunno what inside there.. i didn't open it.. it's still on ur room.. wait u until u go back... omg what that thing..??
could u tell me please?? singggggggggg nobodies know except u...

okay i'll waiting..
ur so unpredictable.. thanks lot ma dear..
thanks for ur wishes....
lurp you... :)) i miss u...

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