Saturday, October 16, 2010


i just woke up.. than I got my heart hurting so much even fo crying like a baby I can't everything just so flat now..

ya I just realized that I can touch someone life anymore..
I'm not the part of it anymore
his new life just to happy now, with his new carrier be a softball player then a hundred girl adore him so much.. then he truth that he's smiling, laughing, and share the love with the girl outside there ,I cant came into his new life.
I adore the old him.. I love the old him.. I miss the old him..the old
but its difficult to figure out the old him,, I just found someone that I just knew a little just a little about him.. I dunno anymore or everything until now I'm dying on my bad hugging my doll then found my self crying crying crying because I can't recognize who is he anymore..?

I am just broken now.. hope someday I'll find u and see ur smile like before..
then the zero disappear change to hundred.. amin.

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