Saturday, October 16, 2010


gosh who am I? i'm not ur girlfriend anymore I cant demand u with every question on my head????

who's that girl? why u look so ohh.. bla bla (skipped)
and a hundred question like those
Im curious , scared, disappointed, stress,
I just wanna scream "hey bitch (sorrybadword) he's mine.. mine.. mine go away" but the truth I can't I'm just nothing now..

stupid me, I love him okay but I can't do anything
I've tried to say that i love him but the answer sounds like "c'mon girl we broke up 1 month ago so enough to say love or bla bla bla" I swear I wont ever told u that I love u I'll keep it.. or please when I say it can u respond love u too or whatever that show that u still love me..

I'm the stupid people on the world now, love someone but even to say I love him I feel scare.
damn it and now I jealous just because my stupid intuition on those fucking twitter.

sorry I cant handle anymore I need to shouting out, maybe I just to scared to take my reality that we weren't together even we still love each other and I'm not ready someone that I really love leave me I can't imagine...sorry I'm just out of control with my feeling I miss u so bad here..

okay the end I hate u TWITTER

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