Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so long ..

its ma old note.. that I keep ...
i just wanna post it now....

We are on relationship since 3 years almost 4 years, cry, smile, laugh together,, we think we knew each other, we respect each other and always understand, there a bunch of problem that happened in our story but we still hold on together .. but life keep givin bigger stone for us.. 

I know that doing LDR its a difficult way.. i never wanted but it must,,
I didn't meet him for 6 moth can u feel it, how alone me here.. my heart scream to beside him always, but it couldn't,, all those what I want just imagine, how's  diffcult to do this,,

Yah but we ar on own love way now, i just miss him here , but why for long time i cant see him then  when we see each other, i just too happy to described what I feel we back living together with love we a the happy couple then I cant catch him anymore,,, i just miss him...i miss him .. i miss him... i miss him...

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